The Society's tenants are at the heart of our work.

The 127 Society for Housing provides homes for low-income older people living in Vancouver.

We are committed to this work because we believe that we all have a right to a safe, affordable home, that diverse neighbourhoods enrich us all, and that community is possible and necessary, even in a big city. We partner with the Province through BC Housing, the Federal Government through CMHC, and the City of Vancouver to make sure that these values are honoured, not just today but into the future.

New Jubilee House

New Jubilee House is open! In the summer of 2016, tenants from old Jubilee House moved out of the deteriorating building and across the street into their sparkling new apartments in new Jubilee House. New Jubilee House provides homes for all of the 87 current tenants plus an additional 75 low-end-of-market tenants. The low-end-of-market tenants provide a revenue stream that will allow the 127 Society to subsidize the rents of the 87 existing tenants with lower incomes at shelter rates or 30% of income… Read more here

"I take care of my cat, and she takes care of me."

Mona, tenant since 2004

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